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Wall fountains

Antique bronze fountain Woman
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Antique cast iron wall fountain
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Cast iron gargoyle Lion
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Cast iron wall fountain
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Classic bird bath on base
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Extensive Range of Wall Fountains and Outdoor Faucets

We offer a wide selection of wall fountains, outdoor faucets, and sinks for mounting on the wall or on the ground. These fountains and water features are made of cast iron or aluminum.

Our wall fountains and outdoor faucets come in rustic, classical, monumental, Dutch, and nostalgic styles.

Available in Various Models, Types, and Sizes!

Our outdoor faucets and sinks are available in various sizes and colors. A wall fountain can be used as a sink, water ornament, fountain, or outdoor faucet and is highly decorative. We also have various faucet posts and standalone faucets made of brass or copper.

Wall Fountains and Wall-Mounted Fountains

A wall fountain or wall-mounted fountain is often used as a sink or water source on a wall. Thanks to its faucet and sink, a wall fountain is very convenient for use as an outdoor faucet or water source in the garden.

Ground Fountains

We also offer various ground fountains, which are placed on the ground and can be used as fountains in the garden or as a drinking source for dogs or other animals. Ground fountains can be placed freely on the ground.

Faucet Posts

A faucet post is a standalone post with an outdoor faucet attached to it. You can place it in a garden just like a ground fountain. Unlike ground fountains, faucet posts do not have sinks to collect water.

A Functional Eye-Catcher

A water ornament in the garden is highly practical and can serve as a water faucet or drinking source. Additionally, it adds a classic, nostalgic, rural, antique, old, monumental, and Dutch charm to your outdoor space.

These water ornaments can also be used indoors and can be supplied in various colors such as rust, black, or dark green.

Copper and Brass Outdoor Faucets

The faucets we use are made of solid copper or brass and are suitable for outdoor use. We also offer a changing range of water spouts and drinking fountains that are commonly found as street furniture in cities or towns.

Furthermore, we have various standalone outdoor faucets or outdoor faucets with a wall plate in old and classical styles that are suitable for connecting a garden hose.

Buying Wall Fountains and Outdoor Faucets Online or in Our Showroom?

All wall fountains, outdoor faucets, and water features can be viewed in our showroom at 5 Buitenweg, 5683PM Best. All models are on display, and you can thoroughly examine them. We are available to provide you with personal advice and a cup of coffee, and delivery can be arranged upon consultation.

In addition to fountains, you can also find garden furniture, garden decor, indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, antique building materials, and much more in our collection.