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Sundials / Wind dials

Brass Atlas sundial on pedestal
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Brass sundial

Brass sundial

€ 125,00
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Brass sundial on column
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Copper weather vane with Horse
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Copper weather vane with Rooster
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Wide Range of Sundials and Weather Vanes

We have a large and ever-changing assortment of sundials and weather vanes made of copper, brass, bronze, cast iron, and wrought iron.

How Does a Sundial Work?

A sundial is a beautiful centerpiece for your garden. It tells the time by using the position of the sun. The sun's rays shine on the central rod, which then indicates the time on the circular ring.

How to Use a Sundial?

You can use a sundial by aligning the pointer of the sundial with the north point. This positions it favorably relative to the sun's position, allowing it to accurately tell the time.

A Sundial on a Pedestal or Plinth

In addition to sundials, we offer various pedestals, plinths, and pillars that you can combine with the sundials. There is a wide selection of both short and tall pedestals made of cast iron, concrete, natural stone, aluminum, and more.

Weather Vanes

In addition to sundials, we also have various weather vanes, wind vanes, and wind cocks made of wrought iron, copper, brass, and bronze.

Weather Vanes on a Roof or Chimney

Weather vanes can be placed on the top of a chimney or on a roof.

How Does a Weather Vane Work?

A weather vane is equipped with a wind rose, which indicates the wind direction. It moves with the gusts of wind, showing from which direction the wind is blowing.

How to Use a Weather Vane?

You should place a weather vane in a high location to allow it to catch the wind effectively. They are typically installed on a roof or chimney cap.

Weather Vanes with a Pedestal or Plinth

Weather vanes are also delightful when placed freely in the garden, allowing you to enjoy them all day long. Weather vanes can be supplied with various bases, pedestals, and plinths.

View the sundials and weather vanes in our showroom!

In addition to a wide range of sundials and weather vanes, you can also find garden furniture, garden decorations, indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, antique building materials, and much more in our store.

All sundials and weather vanes can be viewed in our showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. Delivery can be arranged upon consultation.