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Sidetables / Workbenches / Sideboards

Extensive Range of Sidetables, Dressers, and Workbenches

We offer a vast selection of sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches in various materials, styles, and types. We specialize in rustic, industrial, retro, vintage, robust, and rustic furniture, and we have everything you need to create a warm and stylish atmosphere for your home, office, café, or restaurant.

Diverse Selection of Sidetables, Dressers, and Antique Workbenches

Our range includes a variety of sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches in different types, styles, and sizes. Suitable for any project, from restaurants and offices to homes and even libraries.

Perfect for Various Settings

Whether you live in a historic building, a farmhouse, or a classic home, or if you're looking to redecorate your restaurant or café, we have the furniture that suits your business, home, and interior.

Versatile Applications

Our sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches can be used both indoors and outdoors for various purposes, such as decorating your office, library, living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, café, restaurant, or lounge, among others. Our furniture comes in styles like rural, rustic, cottage, country house, antique, old, monumental, and historical.

Materials Used

Our sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, such as cast iron, wrought iron, leather, metal, wood, and more. These rustic and natural materials develop beautiful signs of use, commonly known as patina. This patina ensures that each piece of furniture is unique.

Rugged and Full of Character

The sidetables, dressers, and antique carpenter workbenches that we sell are robust and full of character. They exude a rustic and well-lived appearance, making each piece unique. These well-worn pieces often consist of heavy, high-quality materials that stand the test of time.

Quality Assurance

We only purchase sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches of high quality, made from durable and sustainable materials. This ensures a long lifespan for your unique pieces. With their robust and rustic appearance, these pieces remain iconic and special for a lifetime.

Mix and Match

Combine our sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches to create a stylish and cozy atmosphere. Our range is carefully curated to ensure that the pieces complement each other and adhere to the same style. This allows you to combine the furniture to create a home, interior, or office that exudes style and class, where everyone feels warm and at home.

Visit Our Showroom

All our furniture can be found on our website and can also be viewed in our spacious showroom.

In addition to sidetables, dressers, and antique workbenches, we also offer antique building materials, garden décor, and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Our entire range is available for viewing in our showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. We look forward to welcoming you for a cup of coffee and personalized advice. Delivery of the furniture is also possible by arrangement, leveraging our years of experience to provide tailored advice.

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