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Rural and Classic Pendant Lights

Rustic copper pendant barnlamp - HK11
Green barn pendant light - HK3

Green barn pendant light - HK3

€ 135,00 € 95,00
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Black forged pendant lamp small - HO4
Rusty forged pendant lamp small - HO5
Antique industrial pendant lamp - HI37
Old retro pendant lamp - HI36
In stock
Vintage bunker lamp pendant lamp - HI38
Old bunker lamp pendant lamp - HI35
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Rural and Classic Pendant Lights

We have a large assortment of pendant lights in rural, classic, monumental, antique, rustic, and nostalgic styles. The pendant lights are made of copper, zinc, and corten steel.

Rural and classic pendant lights are often used as a centerpiece and focal point in a living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. A pendant light is frequently used in an open space, where it shines best as a centerpiece, creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

Our rustic pendant lights are personally handcrafted by us and are unique due to their own design and craftsmanship. The lamps can be made in any desired material, size, and design. We also create custom lighting for projects and special customer requests.

Pendant Lights in Various Styles

Our pendant lights cater to various styles, such as rural, nostalgic, antique, old, classic, monumental, English, country house, chesterfield, rustic, and cottage styles. These pendant lights have a broad range of applications and can be used in various spaces and functions, including illuminating a bathroom, bedroom, dining table, dining room, kitchen, living room, or office.

Due to their nostalgic and robust character, these pendant lights complement an English office, a country-style interior, a farmhouse kitchen, a traditional pub, a historic building, or an old farmhouse. They also suit a chic mansion, an English country house, or a modern home with a classic or rural design.

Supplying various parts is also not a problem for us. We have all the individual parts in stock and can assist you in case any parts of a lamp become damaged in the future.

Pendant Lights with LED or Sensor?

All our lamps come with ceramic fittings in an old-style design that are suitable for various LED light sources in various wattages. It is also possible to combine our lighting with a motion sensor or a dusk sensor, for which special light sources with built-in sensors are available.

The Unique Properties of Our Materials

Each material we use for our lamps is natural and therefore has special properties. The unique property of zinc is that it develops a beautiful patina over time, allowing you to see the traces of aging. Additionally, zinc extends the lifespan of outdoor lamps significantly. Zinc lamps gradually turn dark gray over time, similar to how your gutters may shine initially but become dark and dull over time. Zinc lamps are also very easy to maintain.

Corten steel has the unique property of rusting but not rusting through. This means that the top layer of corten steel lighting rusts but will never rust through. Over time, corten steel pendant lights develop a beautiful patina, allowing you to see the signs of aging. Corten steel also dramatically extends the lifespan of the lamp. The rust of a corten steel lamp gives it a robust and rustic appearance and is also very low-maintenance.

Copper has the unique property of developing a beautiful patina over time, allowing you to see the signs of aging. Copper also significantly extends the lifespan of outdoor lamps. A copper lamp gradually darkens over time and may even turn green or blue. A great example of this is copper gutters or roofs that turn green or dark. Copper lamps are also very easy to maintain.

Prefer to See Them in Person?

In addition to rural and nostalgic pendant lights with a chain for indoor use, we also have a wide range of outdoor lighting and garden lighting. You can view all our lamps in our spacious showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. In our showroom, all lamps are displayed, and we can provide you with personalized advice.

You can also find various decorations for your home and garden with us, including garden decor, mailboxes, flag holders, garden statues, cast iron vases and statues, signboards, ornaments, garden furniture, antique building materials, curiosities, antiques, and bric-a-brac.