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Tree of life / Ornament overhead light

Large cast iron tree of life - Boom3
Cast iron ornament Horses
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Cast iron ornament Dove right
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Cast iron ornament Dove left
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Extensive Range of Tree of Life Ornaments

We offer various Tree of Life ornaments in both large and small sizes. These Tree of Life ornaments are made of cast iron, wrought iron, or aluminum and are suitable for a transom window above a front door or door.

Origin of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has its origins as a symbol of fertility and life. You often come across them in old barns, farms, and historic buildings.

Creating an Ornament or Decoration in the Transom Window of a Door?

An ornament in the transom window of your door adds character and complements a door grille or window grille perfectly.

We have various ornaments, elements, and decorations made of cast iron and wrought iron that you can place in the window above your door or front door.

Installing Antique Elements in Your Window or Front Door?

The Tree of Life ornaments provide a beautiful classic, monumental, rural, antique, Dutch, and rustic appearance, making them a perfect fit for an old house, barn, farm, front door, door, window, or historic building.

In addition to Tree of Life ornaments, we also have various types of wrought ironwork and ornaments featuring animals, flowers, or scrolls that you can use in your transom window.

Finding a suitable ornament or Tree of Life for an existing door or window can be challenging. Therefore, we are happy to assist you. Often, it is possible to adapt an existing ornament to fit or explore other solutions.

Buying Tree of Life Ornaments Online or in Our Showroom?

All Tree of Life ornaments and ornaments for transom windows or windows can be viewed in our showroom at 5 Buitenweg, 5683PM Best. All models are displayed there, and you can examine them thoroughly. We are available to provide you with personal advice and a cup of coffee, and delivery can be arranged upon consultation.

In addition to Tree of Life ornaments and ornaments, you can also find garden furniture, garden decor, indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, antique building materials, and much more in our collection.