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Antique cast iron English letterbox on a leg
Antique cast iron freestanding mailbox
Antique cast iron freestanding mailbox
Antique cast iron mailbox on post
In stock
Classic English standing letterbox on foot
Classic mailbox newspaper box ''Zeitung''
Large antique Belgian cast iron mailbox
Nostalgic copper letterbox wall letterbox
Old cast iron freestanding mailbox
In stock

Large Assortment of Mailboxes

You can find a wide range of mailboxes with us. We specialize in mailboxes in Classic, English, nostalgic, and monumental styles. We offer wall-mounted mailboxes, mailbox flaps for doors or brick pillars, as well as freestanding mailboxes and standing mailboxes.

Our classic mailboxes are adorned with beautiful decorations and come with a lock and keys. They are made of cast iron, copper, wrought iron, or aluminum and can be delivered in any desired RAL color.

These mailboxes are suitable for all types of homes and perfectly complement old farmhouses, historic or vintage buildings, and modern houses in a classic or rural style.

We also have a changing assortment of antique and vintage mailboxes.

Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

Wall-mounted mailboxes are ideal for spaces with limited room since their compact size allows them to be used in almost any desired location. They feature exquisite details and include a newspaper compartment.

Freestanding Mailboxes

Freestanding mailboxes are perfect for placing near your house or in the garden. We offer various large and small freestanding mailboxes, such as column mailboxes or mailboxes on a pedestal or stand.

Mailbox for Wall Insertion

A wall-inserted mailbox is ideal for placement in a wall, front door, or brick pillar. The mailbox flap is installed in a wall or door, saving space.

Available in Various Styles

Our mailboxes are available in various styles, including nostalgic, antique, rural, cottage, Old Dutch, monumental, classical, and many more. We have the mailbox that suits your home, garden, or business. Whether it's a historic building or a classic townhouse, we have the mailbox that complements your property.

Come See the Mailboxes in Our Showroom!

All mailboxes can be viewed in our showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best.

In addition to mailboxes, we also offer flagpole holders, garden decorations, outdoor furniture, decorations, antique building materials, and indoor and outdoor lighting.