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Industrial pendant lights

Antique industrial bunker pendant light - HI17
Industrial cage pendant lamp - HI34
Antique industrial enamel pendant lamp - HI16
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Authentic industrial enamel hanging lamp black - HI1
Antique industrial pendant lamp - HI37
Old retro pendant lamp - HI36
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Vintage bunker lamp pendant lamp - HI38
Old bunker lamp pendant lamp - HI35
Antique industrial pendant lamp - HI34
Antique Industrial factory pendant light - HI21
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Antique industrial enamel hanging lamp - HI6
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Vintage industrial pendant lamp - HI9
In stock
Industrial pendant lamp zinc - HZ2

Industrial pendant lamp zinc - HZ2

€ 165,00 € 95,00
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Vintage Industrial factory pendant lamp - HI24
In stock
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Industrial Pendant Lights

We have a wide range of antique and old industrial pendant lights. These pendant lights are genuine old factory lamps that have been modernized to be used with contemporary technology.

Industrial pendant lights have a rugged and robust appearance, making them a perfect fit for a retro, vintage, robust, or rugged interior. It's enjoyable to mix industrial elements with other elements in your interior design to create a beautiful overall look.

The Bold Focal Point in Your Interior

Industrial pendant lights are often used as a focal point and lighting centerpiece in a living room, kitchen, dining room, loft, studio, and bedroom. A factory lamp is frequently used in an open space, where it shines best as a focal point, creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

These lamps are available with or without glass and can be supplied with various chains in all shapes and sizes. It's also fun to hang the lamps from an old pulley or a large cast iron hook.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes!

Our industrial lamps complement various styles such as rural, nostalgic, antique, old, classic, monumental, rugged, robust, retro, vintage, rustic, and 1930s styles. Industrial ceiling lamps have a wide range of applications and can be used to illuminate a bathroom, bedroom, dining table, dining room, kitchen, living room, or office.

Our industrial ceiling lamps are personally collected by us and come in various types, sizes, and colors. We have them in black, green, gray, dark green, metal, aluminum, cast iron, dark gray, light gray, mint green, white, and many more.

Industrial Pendant Lights with LED Lamps or Sensors?

All our lamps come with ceramic fittings in an old-style design that are suitable for various LED light sources in various wattages. It is also possible to combine our lighting with a motion sensor or a dusk sensor, for which special light sources with built-in sensors are available.

View All Industrial Lighting in Our Showroom!

In addition to industrial pendant lights and factory lamps with chains for indoor use, we also have a wide range of outdoor lighting and garden lighting.

You can view all our lamps in our spacious showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. In our showroom, all lamps are displayed, and we can provide you with personalized advice.

You can also find various decorations for your home and garden with us, including garden decor, mailboxes, flag holders, garden statues, cast iron vases and statues, signboards, ornaments, garden furniture, antique building materials, curiosities, antiques, and bric-a-brac.