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Garden stoves and garden fireplaces

Cast iron garden stove
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Heavy metal fire basket

Heavy metal fire basket

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Wide Range of Cast Iron Garden Stoves

We have a large and ever-changing assortment of cast iron garden stoves, garden fireplaces, and patio heaters.

What Is a Cast Iron Garden Fireplace?

A cast iron garden fireplace is a freestanding stove with legs that you can place in the garden or on a patio.

Properties of a Cast Iron Patio Heater

Cast iron is very strong and resistant to rust, allowing it to be placed outdoors throughout the year. All cast iron stoves come with a grate to allow air to flow under the wood, ensuring that the cast iron garden stoves burn well.

Available in Various Types and Sizes

Garden fireplaces come in all types and sizes. We have various small and large garden stoves, including stoves with a spark door, which is a door with mesh that prevents wood from falling out of the stove.

Ambiance and Coziness

A cast iron garden stove is highly functional and can be used year-round. The stove creates ambiance and coziness, making it a great addition to garden parties or when entertaining guests.

In winter, the stove provides warmth and comfort, while in spring, it adds ambiance and comfort. With our extensive and ever-changing assortment, we can always assist you. If you are looking for a specific garden stove, you can always contact us to see how we can help.

View the garden stoves in our showroom!

All garden stoves can be viewed in our showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. Delivery can be arranged upon consultation.

In addition to a wide range of garden stoves, you can also find garden furniture, garden decorations, indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, antique building materials, and much more in our store.