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Flag holders / Flagpole holders

Antique flag holder
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Classic flagpole holder
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Wide Range of Flag Holders

We offer a diverse range of flag holders, flagpole holders, and flagpole brackets made of cast iron and aluminum. Our flagpole holders come in various sizes, both large and small, and are an ornament to hang on your facade.

These flagpole holders feature exquisite details and have a classic, nostalgic, monumental, and rural appearance, making them suitable for use with historical buildings, old farmhouses, and modern rural or classical homes.

Got Something to Celebrate? Raise the Flag!

A flag holder is not only beautiful but also functional because you can hang a flag in it. Flagpole holders are often used when someone is celebrating a birthday or when there's a special occasion. It's also common to see flags flying en masse during national holidays.

Flag Holders in All Shapes and Sizes

We offer various models of flagpole holders that you can use to hold your flagpole. Our flagpole holders come in different sizes, including both large and small. They are also available in various colors, such as black or dark green.

We have flagpole holders where the entire flagpole fits inside, as well as smaller models where only the tip of the flagpole is inserted. Due to its classic and nostalgic appearance, it's a beautiful object to display on your wall.

Purchase Flagpole Holders Online or in Our Showroom!

All flag holders can be viewed in our showroom at 5 Buitenweg, 5683PM Best, and delivery is available upon consultation.

In addition to a variety of flag holders and flagpole holders, you can also find garden furniture, garden decor, indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, antique building materials, and much more in our collection.