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Ceiling lights

Industrial ceiling lamp - PM1
In stock
Industrial ceiling lamp rust - PC1

Extensive Range of Ceiling Lighting

In addition to a wide selection of pendant lamps, we also offer various ceiling lamps, flush mounts, and ceiling lighting in rural and industrial styles.

Rural, Classical, or Industrial – You Choose!

Our industrial ceiling lamps and flush mounts are authentic factory lamps. These antique industrial lamps have been converted and equipped with modern technology suitable for LED bulbs. They evoke the ambiance of an old factory building, warehouse, or industrial workshop.

Our rural ceiling lighting and ceiling lamps are handcrafted by us in the Netherlands, making them unique with our own design and fabrication. These lamps are made from corten steel and can be fitted with a metal cage or frame around the glass. They bring to mind an old farmhouse or rural home.

Our classical and nostalgic flush mounts and ceiling lighting are also handmade by us, using luxury materials such as copper, brass, and bronze. These lamps have an antique appearance reminiscent of an English country house or office.

The Advantages of Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps and flush mounts have several advantages over pendant lamps. They take up relatively little space because they are mounted directly against the ceiling. This allows you to place them in any room without considering ceiling height. Ceiling lighting comes in various sizes, ensuring there's always a rural style that complements your interior.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes

Our ceiling lamps and ceiling lighting come in various heights and models, adding atmosphere and coziness. One great feature of ceiling lamps is that you can use them to illuminate dark areas in your home. Moreover, they are highly functional, providing extra light when needed.

The Perfect Solution for Every Project!

Our ceiling lamps, ceiling lighting, and flush mounts are available in rural, robust, rustic, industrial, retro, vintage, antique, cottage, nostalgic, country house, and old styles. These lamps are suitable for any project and are great for placement in a man cave, living room, loft, studio, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, restaurant, or hotel.

Ceiling Lamps with LED Bulbs or Sensors?

All our ceiling lamps are equipped with ceramic fittings in a vintage style that are suitable for various LED light sources with different wattages. It is also possible to combine our lighting with a motion sensor or a twilight sensor; specialized light sources with built-in sensors are available for this purpose.

Explore All Ceiling Lamps and Flush Mounts in Our Showroom!

In addition to a wide selection of ceiling lamps, flush mounts, and ceiling lighting, you can also find pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, and much more in our showroom. We offer a large selection of outdoor lighting and garden lighting as well.

You can view all our lamps in our spacious showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. In our showroom, all lamps are on display, and we can offer you personalized advice.

Furthermore, in our showroom, you will discover various decorations for your home and garden, including garden decorations, mailboxes, flag holders, garden statues, cast iron vases and sculptures, signage, ornaments, garden furniture, antique building materials, curiosities, antiques, and bric-a-brac.