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Bells and Door Knockers

Cast iron door knocker Angel
In stock
Cast iron doorbell with Cat
In stock
Cast iron doorbell with Cow
In stock
Cast iron doorbell with Dog
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Cast iron doorbell with Rooster
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Large cast iron bell
In stock
Large cast iron door knocker Lion
White shabby door knocker with patina

Extensive Range of Door Knockers and Doorbells

We offer a wide variety of doorbells and door knockers made from wrought iron, cast iron, metal, bronze, and brass.

A Stunning Focal Point for Your Home

These door knockers and doorbells are a splendid addition to your home, at your front door, or in your garden. A doorbell or door knocker is beautiful and decorative, suitable for placement in various locations and spaces.

Door knockers and doorbells add ambiance and coziness and can be combined with various decorations to further enhance their appearance.

The Various Doorbells and Door Knockers

We have a wide range of different doorbells and door knockers.

A Doorbell

A doorbell is a bell made of cast iron, metal, bronze, or brass. The bell is often attached to an arm or bracket so that you can mount it on the door and is equipped with a cord that allows you to ring the bell or chime.

A Door Knocker

A door knocker is an ornament or decoration that you can use as a doorbell. A door knocker is often a decorative plate with a bracket or handle. With the handle, you can strike the plate, creating a knock and sound. Door knockers were often used in the past and are a precursor to doorbells.

A Decorative Addition to Your Home or Garden

Doorbells and door knockers are a splendid addition to your home or garden. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, adding a beautiful centerpiece to your interior or garden.

Explore the Entire Range in Our Showroom!

All doorbells and door knockers can be viewed in our showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. Delivery options can be arranged upon consultation.

In addition to doorbells and door knockers, we also offer various garden decorations, indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, antique building materials, and much more.