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Classic and Timeless Chesterfield Armchairs

Looking for a comfortable Chesterfield armchair or lounge chair for your office, living room, lounge, or office? Look no further! We have a wide range of Chesterfield sofas in various types and sizes. We specialize in classic furniture and office furnishings and have everything in our collection to create a warm and stylish atmosphere in your study, office, practice space, or home office.

We offer a vast selection of Chesterfield armchairs and chairs in various types, styles, and sizes. They are suitable for any project, from restaurants and offices to homes, and from practice spaces to libraries. Whether you live in a historic building, a farmhouse, or a classic house, or if you're looking to redecorate your restaurant or café, we have the office furniture that fits your business, home, and interior.

The Focal Point in Your Home

Who doesn't dream of a beautiful and classic armchair? Comfort is crucial, and after a hard day's work, there's nothing quite like sinking into one of our luxurious armchairs or lounge chairs. Chesterfield armchairs come in various colors, designs, models, and sizes.

With our extensive selection, there's always a Chesterfield sofa that matches your interior, budget, and style.

Crafted from High-Quality and Durable Materials

Chesterfield armchairs are made from high-quality leather, finished with buttons. This technique, called tufting, gives the chair a unique and beautiful appearance. Because these chairs are crafted using these high-quality materials, they have a long lifespan, allowing you to enjoy your armchair for years to come.

Choosing a Chesterfield Chair

Because Chesterfield chairs are available in so many types, sizes, and colors, it can sometimes be challenging to choose. It's essential that the chair complements your interior. You can choose a chair color that matches the other color tones in your interior so that it blends seamlessly. Alternatively, you can choose a color that contrasts with your interior colors to make the chair stand out and truly shine.

Types of Chesterfield Armchairs

The Wingback Armchair:

Recognizable by its protrusions, also called wings. This is a larger-sized lounge chair with a high backrest for extra seating comfort.

The Chesterfield 1-Seater:

This is the English Chesterfield chair model designed for one person. Due to its compact size, it takes up slightly more space than an armchair but is still suitable for many places.

The Club Chair:

This model is the chair version of the Chesterfield 1-Seater sofa. It is smaller in size compared to a 1-Seater sofa, taking up less space.

The Swivel Chair / Office Chair:

Originally an office chair but certainly applicable in places other than just behind a desk. Chesterfield office chairs come in various types and sizes. You can choose to remove the wheels to have a stationary chair for use in your living room as a relaxation armchair.

The rocking chair:

The rocking chair is a comfortable Chesterfield armchair in which you can rock or dream away. The model is originally designed to rock so that you can swing around while reading or relaxing in your chair.

Combine Different Models

Combine various sizes and models of chairs and sofas for a surprising result. What's fun about mixing and matching different sizes is that you create an elegant and characterful ensemble that fits well together. By playing with different sizes and models, you can fulfill your seating needs.

Wide Range of Applications

Our Chesterfield armchairs have a wide range of applications and can be used for various purposes, such as enhancing your office, library, living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, and more. Furniture in Antique, Monumental, Historical, Cottage, Country House, Chesterfield, English, and Classic styles adds atmosphere and coziness, serving as eye-catching focal points that elevate your interior.

Comfortable and Luxurious

These armchairs are comfortable and luxurious, adding elegance to your space. By sourcing only high-quality armchairs made from premium and durable materials, you benefit from their long lifespan and acquire unique pieces of furniture. Due to their classic and timeless appearance, these furniture items are icons that remain beautiful and special throughout a lifetime.

Combine the Armchairs with Other Furniture

Combine our English chairs and armchairs with other furniture from our collection, such as an office chair, bookcase, or Chesterfield sofa, to create a stylish and inviting ensemble. Our assortment is designed so that the furniture pairs well together and adheres to the same style. This allows you to mix and match the furniture, resulting in a home, interior, or office that exudes style and class, making everyone feel warm and at home.

Visit Our Showroom

All our Chesterfield chairs and armchairs can be viewed in our showroom at Buitenweg 5, 5683PM Best. All furniture pieces are displayed in this showroom, giving you an immediate sense of how the furniture would look in your home.

With our years of experience, we can provide you with personalized advice. Delivery of the furniture is also possible by arrangement.