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Antique building materials

Looking for Antique Building Materials?

We offer an extensive range of antique building materials. You can turn to us for items such as stable windows, flagpole holders, fences, decorative fences, staircase spindles, balustrades, balconies, and fences. We also have grilles and elements for front doors, windows, or transoms, as well as wall anchors and facade anchors, wall fountains, and outdoor faucets. Additionally, we offer life trees and ornaments for transoms, house numbers, house nameplates, and hanging signs, hinges, finials, and components for decorative fencing.

A Broad Assortment of Antique Building Materials

Antique building materials come in many shapes and sizes, enhancing the appearance of your home. What's wonderful about old building materials is that they give a house character and can help restore a home or historic building to its former glory.

We have an extensive assortment of antique building materials suitable for any project, whether you're renovating a historic building, an old farmhouse, or adding charm to a modern home with an old, historic, rural, or classic style.

Combine Various Materials for a Beautiful Whole

It's enjoyable to combine multiple types of antique building materials to create a beautiful whole. For example, you can combine stable windows with wall anchors for an extra nostalgic effect.

All combinations are possible, and the more authentic elements you add to your home, the more beautiful it becomes.

Antique and Old Fences

We offer various types of fences made of wrought iron, cast iron, and metal. Our fences have an antique, historic, rural, classic, or nostalgic appearance.

A fence suitable for various purposes, such as a balcony, balustrade, baluster, staircase, decoration for a front door, fall protection, decorative fencing, fencing, and partitions.

In addition to a wide range of fences and decorative fences, we also have various components for creating your fence, such as spindles for a fence, wrought iron ornaments and decorative elements, points and finials for the fence, post caps for fence posts, and various loose elements and decorations to further embellish your fence, such as loose flowers, leaves, wrought iron curls, and hooks.

Flagpole Holders

We offer various models of flagpole holders that you can use as flagpole holders.

We have flagpole holders in various sizes, including large and small, and they are available in various colors, such as black or dark green.

A flagpole holder is a delightful addition to the facade of your home or business and is not only decorative but also great for hanging a promotional flag or for flying the flag when there's something to celebrate!

Stable Windows and Antique Frames

We have a wide range of cast iron stable windows and farmhouse windows. The window frames are made of cast iron and come in small and large sizes. They are also available in various shapes, such as round, semi-circular, rectangular, elongated, and curved. Stable windows are suitable for any project and can be used indoors or outdoors. They can also be delivered with glass in various colors upon consultation.

Antique and Classic Staircase Spindles
We have a large assortment of cast iron and wrought iron spindles for a staircase, staircase railing, or balustrade. Staircase spindles provide a classic, rural, historic, and nostalgic effect to your stairs. We offer staircase spindles in various shapes and sizes, including straight, square, with an ornament or bulge, and curved or round.

Staircase spindles are available in both single and double options so that you can alternate them. Additionally, we have various wrought iron elements and ornaments that can be incorporated into the staircase to make it even more beautiful.

Door Grilles and Window Grilles

We have a wide range of wrought iron and cast iron ornaments and elements that can be used as grilles or decorations in a front door, door, window, or transom. Door grilles are available in large and small sizes and in various styles and patterns. A grille for a door or window adds an extra layer of security and is also beautiful.

Door grilles and window grilles are commonly seen in old farmhouses and historic buildings, providing a classic, antique, historic, rural, and nostalgic appearance.

In addition to a vast selection of door and window grilles, you can also turn to us for life trees in various sizes. A life tree is placed in the transom of a door and serves as decoration or ornament. Life trees are frequently used in old farmhouses and historic buildings.

Wall Anchors and Facade Anchors

You can also rely on us for various nostalgic decorations for the facade, such as wall anchors, wall irons, and facade anchors. Originally, a wall anchor was used to attach beams to the facade, and you can still find them in old farmhouses and historic buildings.

Today, wall anchors are primarily used for decorative purposes. We offer various types of wall anchors made of wrought iron and cast iron in large and small sizes. You can also purchase them from us in color or rusted, and they can be delivered with matching fasteners.

Wall Fountains and Outdoor Faucets

We have various wall fountains and outdoor faucets in rural, classic, historic, old Dutch, and nostalgic styles. Wall fountains are made of cast iron or aluminum and are available in various sizes and colors.

A wall fountain can be used as a sink, water feature, fountain, or outdoor faucet and is highly decorative. We also offer various faucet poles and separate faucets and outdoor faucets made of brass or copper.

Hanging Signs and House Nameplates

We have a wide range of hanging signs, house numbers, and house nameplates. These signs can be used to indicate a business name, house number, family name

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